“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”

Oscar Wilde

DT: I’m aware that Allen Ginsberg once bluntly asked “you got cancer right?”

SS: What an odd way to begin. I know we’ve just “met”, if indeed that means anything under the circumstances we…

The Ascension of Francis Bacon

“How much does it help to drink when you’re painting?” — David Sylvester.

Unlike other séance fictions in this series, this was much easier to compose. Not in any trite way or sleight of hand, but rather the manner and speed with which Bacon emerged as a voice and very…

The Passion of Herbert Ashe

“… once dead, he is not even the ghost he was then”

[The conversation begins in medias res]

Borges: Now a labyrinth may seem predictable for someone like myself. It is a form of entrapment that is both beguiling, enticing and yet at the same time overwhelming.

DT: And dreadful.

Lester Bangs slugs it out with Lou Reed, elsewhere

Darren Tofts

This piece is different from previous séance fictions involving Nick Tosches and Vivian Stanshall, in that I am not in discussion with either of the assembled shades. Instead I am a fly on the wall observer describing the goings-on…

Vivian Stanshall tuned to a dead channel

Darren Tofts

In Ian F. Svenonius’ Supernatural Strategies for Making A Rock’N’Roll Group, a wonderful conceit is fine-tuned to perfect pitch. The author’s premise from the outset is that to learn the basics and sure-fired rules for making a successful group, supernatural rather…

Darren Tofts

Now we checked out this duck, quack.

Brian Eno, “The Fat Lady of Limbourg”

It is one of this things that, after Aristotle, is ineluctable. You know, unavoidable, like finding mice at the back door. Our cats are endlessly generous in their giving and the proud display of their despatch…

A stochastic encounter with the shade of Nick Tosches

Darren Tofts

“To rend the tawdry man-made fabric of the intellect, to cut the throat of fear and ask our gods nothing” (If I Were Robert Stack)


So it’s a given that at some point you would have gone down…

The way of the tau:

Or, courting the vagaries of the hippocampus

Darren Tofts

“It’s ok not to remember everything” (Hilde & Ylva Østby)

I had never heard of it. There was something mysterious about the term as well as very droll, being a studious gathering of the genus hippopotamidae

Darren Tofts

Scribbler at Large

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